Below is a partial list of free, open-source software projects that I have developed or contributed to.

A two-dimensional dam break simulation performed using Firedrake-Fluids.

Computational fluid dynamics

  • OpenSBLI: Numerical modelling framework for the automated solution of differential equations using finite difference methods.

  • Fluidity: General-purpose computational fluid dynamics code with adaptive unstructured mesh capabilities.

  • Seigen: An elastic wave equation solver that uses the finite element method. This software forms part of the OPESCI project and is primarily aimed at seismological applications.

  • Firedrake-Fluids: Solves the shallow water equations using the Firedrake automated solution framework.

Terminal/console output from the PyRDM library.

Research data management

  • PyRDM: A Python-based library for research data management (RDM). Facilitates the automated publication of scientific software and associated input and output data.

  • Git-RDM: A research data management plugin for the Git version control system.

  • Pynea: Enhances the reproducibility of LaTeX documents by embedding the scripts and dependencies required to regenerate the document's figures.

A Yaesu FT-920 transceiver.

Amateur radio

  • PyQSO: A contact logging tool for amateur radio operators.