Hello. I'm Christian Jacobs, a research scientist with expertise in fluid dynamics and data management.

A large part of my work involves the development of advanced numerical modelling techniques to better understand various flow phenomena. For example, I have made substantial contributions to Fluidity (a computational fluid dynamics framework featuring adaptive unstructured mesh capabilities) with which I have simulated explosive volcanic eruptions and investigated the subsequent formation of ash plumes. More recent work has focussed on industrial physics applications featuring large amounts of turbulence and the development of efficient algorithms for high-performance computing, as part of the OPESCI and ExaFLOW projects.

Issues surrounding reproducibility and data provenance in the field of scientific computing are also of particular interest. I have led the development of the PyRDM and Git-RDM projects which assist researchers in publishing their software's source code and simulation data to online, persistent and citable repositories.

For more information on my research, please visit the research page and list of software projects.

In addition to research, I have a passion for teaching. I have experience in delivering STEM courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I am also a certified Software Carpentry Instructor and a STEM Ambassador.

On the recreational side of things, I have a strong interest in amateur radio (also known as ham radio) and currently hold the callsign M0UOS.


You can contact me by email at christian@christianjacobs.uk or via social media (see the links at the bottom of the page).